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Apr 21
“In social justice, there’s this absurd meme (that I’ve been guilty of myself) is that we are the “voice for the voiceless,” but that’s not right. The oppressed are not voiceless – they’re just not being listened to.”

Dianna Anderson, of Be the Change, at Rachel Held Evans’ “Ask a Feminist” (via emm-in-sem)

Wooo, I like this. 

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Perfect quote is perfect.

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Gonna print this out and stick it on my mirror. Keep that shit in check.

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Or that one is “GIVING” a voice to a marginalized person. Which is very problematic as well. Having a voice is different to not being heard.

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And always remember that our ‘voices’ are not always spoken word, there are many ways to communicate and they should all be respected

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“Fair is fair. Do any of us - the writers, the zinesters, the get up in the middle of the night and write sentences on scraps of paper people - owe anything less? Writing zines is like giving blood for practice. No real reason. Like sleeping on the floor when you have a bed, or riding your bike in a blizzard for money. No good reason at all to risk so much pain and stupidity. Except to see what it feels like. And because writing’s like blood in that once it’s out you can’t put it back in. A puddle of bad spirits and liquid iron on the paper, and you give it away at shows.
Zine ends. Year ends. You wake up in a different city and you say the same things, but for real this time.”
Ammi Emergency, from Emergency zine #5 (via rustbeltjessie)

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Fake Pockets: A How To

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i said theres no way im gonna draw that. absolutely no way. but then


i said theres no way im gonna draw that. absolutely no way. but then

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Floral crowns on Etsy

I need the sage one! 

oh gosh I’ma need some of these


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you’re not allowed to wear a cotton t-shirt unless you’re a true fan! do you go to the fields and look at it? do you appreciate the agricultural implications of a gigantic cotton industry? do you understand the harvesting process? name 5 cotton harvesting machines. didn’t think so

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