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Sep 16

Trying to find vegan recipes for my friend who is allergic to soy, nuts, gluten, corn, and legumes… suggest recipes?

  1. ewwwnicorn answered: thats a trick question right?
  2. whaleextract answered: date coconut processings, just processing dates + coconut shred and making them into shapes and cooling… !
  3. petitfirefly answered: legumes too?? Sounds imposible to be vegan. I’m allergic to soy, gluten and vegan and it’s pretty hard for me.
  4. bimsogbobs answered: Broccoli is high in protein for a vegetable. Mushrooms, avocados and leafy greens too
  5. oldworlddilettante answered: …Oh dear. :( I don’t think it’s safe for her to be vegan in that case. Unless she lives on supplements and protein powder.
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