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Aug 23

attn vegan lovelies:

I’m looking for a pair of winter boots that won’t break the bank. Warm but not too heavy that i can wear with thick socks, ya dig? black or brown colour preferred. 

what websites or generic stores can i look for vegan winter boots at?

Jan 17
Cold Cold Prairie
Photograph by Shumon Khan

Cold Cold Prairie

Photograph by Shumon Khan

Jan 4

Nov 19

I will be forever making a winter play list….

Say Valley Maker - Smog

Nov 14

Little Vegan in the Prairie

After eating mostly cookies for the past 3 days, I decided I need to smarten the fuck up and start eating properly again. Now, what is hard about this, is that I’m vegan in a place that is very cold and winter 6-8 months of the year. So sad to see that farmers market go. It’s pretty hard to eat local in the winter, unless you can lots of fruit and veggies, eat grains, and/or meat and other animal products. So I didn’t end up canning anything, I don’t want to live on only grains, and fuck eating animals. I’m going to try to only go to local food shops, not super markets, as much as I can afford.

I have a membership to a local and organic food coop. The prices work as so: Shelf price+25% if you are not a member, shelf price+13% if you are a member, shelf price if you are a member who volunteers two hours a month. Right now I’m too lazy to volunteer and pay the extra. 

So I thought, what the hell am I going to eat for the next week?

I bought: Green lentils, earth balance butter, a small bit of broccoli, dry black beans(they were out of kidney!), yellow onions, shitake mushrooms, raw cashew pieces, a large can of crushed tomatoes, a large can of chickpeas, celery from BC, many tiny apples from BC, and an Oskri bar(90% of your daily iron intake, woop). This all came to $36.92, but if we add the 13% and GST, it came to $41.81, damn I should get a working membership.

Anyway. These are my somewhat meal plans. I should also add I’m stellar and living off my parents while going to school, so I do eat some of their stuff like grain products, spices, yada yada.

Today I made:

and had left over lentils so I made mini lentil meatballs. I fried them in oil, and am letting them cool and am going to freeze them. I assume I can just take them out of the freezer and pop them in the oven for 20 minutes and they will be ok. I hope.

With the chickpeas I’ll probably make chickpea salad sandwiches, but it’s a pretty large can so I may make some hummus for chips and pick up some delicious carrots for that as well.

With the cashew pieces I’ll make cashew cheese, it’s really good on pizza, pasta, or pretty much everything. Nuts also have a lot of the healthy fat in them, which is good because it tells your brain your full and gives you the feeling of satisfaction. I also need to gain my winter weight, because I am so cold all the damn time.

With my crushed tomatoes I might make this Hearty, Simple Tomato Soup. The title does not lie, seriously. And this fed me a meal or two a day, for 4-5 days. It was actually kind of versatile as well. I added some sauteed onion, a bunch of garlic powder, and italian herbs to a small bowl of it and made a pretty decent pasta sauce(topped off with cashew cheese!). I’m pretty sure you could add a lot of beans and a few spices and make a good chili as well. Really, really good recipe.

With the black beans, I’ll either make black bean brownies, which I hear are good, or a taco filling mix, instead of expensive and unhealthy fake meats. I’ve never tried either of these recipes, so if you have an awesome one send it my way!

And I’ll probably just eat all the apples by themselves. Maybe. I make this granola recipe sometimes, and instead of adding dried fruit, I’ll just chop up an apple into little chunks and throw it in with the granola, so it’s basically apples bits with a bit of granola. Apple bits+granola+chocolate chips+almond milk= hnggggg.

I hope this was interesting or informative to some people?

Nov 10

Sep 24

Sep 21

Blue jay (Cyanocitta cristata)


Blue jay (Cyanocitta cristata)

Sep 11

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